Fraud Rescue Inc.

About Us

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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.

Our Staff

So far we are in the building phase but the staff consists of my wife Dorene, myself (John), a CFO (chief financial officer) Stormy Thomas, and we are still looking for either volunteers or advisor's to complete the list.   

Coming on Court tv....In Sept. a new show "fraudsquadtv" is coming to court tv channel, we will be one of the interviews shown just not sure when yet.  Will keep you updated and it's a very informative interview.  Stay tuned.........

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Our Programs

As we are LITERALLY a start-up organization, we will offer Fraud financial assistance ie: basic living expenses PAID by us through  the creditor, with proof of all indebtedness and IF not within the ability to come to our office then through a notary public we will verify the authenticity of the claim which both protects US from being frauded and protects YOU from prosecution if you are attempting to get money surreptitiously.  We will offer pointers on how NOT to be fast talked, who, what and how to detect a possible fraud attempt.  In the future we will have an investigator as well as follow-up person to make sure all is handled accordingly.

Our Location

Spartanburg, South Carolina and beyond........with time