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Getting Involved

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Not everyone wants to get involved in what is being done to another:

When you know of someone or yourself  is or has been frauded out of their hard earned money SPEAK UP!!!  Let your pride go and inform others that way the cowards doing the frauding cannot keep doing it to others.  If someone in authority when you are trying to get assistance talks "down" to you then tell them so do NOT let them lessen your dignity.  My wife and I know from experience how badly people treat victims of fraud.  Be cautious in whom you send money to because the so called "needy" are most often then not the cowards taking advantage of the trusting and caring human.  Give advice before money and when or if you meet a fraud victim give them advice not humility.  If you are a victim of fraud then give your advice to others so they don't go through the same thing and let the cowards doing the frauding win.  By all means do NOT let anyone make you feel less important then you are.  To the heartless ones that make you feel stupid I say...............One day they will be HIT by a con and rethink things.

Volunteer Your knowledge:

We could use an attorney that is interested in helping others get their life back on track and to assist us in our non-profit issues as well as any accountant that might be able to advise us.  Advisory positions are needed as this is a ground up operation for the better of human kind.

Make a Donation

A donation doesn't have to be HUGE, just enough to feel like "hey if it happens to me I did my part to help."  Besides  doesn't it feel great to donate even a dollar knowing that it could help someone including  mom or dad or child??  For that  matter donating advice is sometimes priceless.

Write a Letter

Write letters, tons and tons of them, from A to Z in local and federal government.  Fraud is NOT even part of funding in any government and it needs to be so SPEAK UP!!!!!!