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As a disabled veteran myself I continue to support our boys and girls  in and out of service, we fought to keep YOU free to live prosperously, now show your freedom to support both veterans and active duty military alike.  MY SALUTE!!!  Sadly there are those out there that try to prey on people by also claiming to be a veteran...vietnam, gulf war, now Afghanistan and Iraq.  Some people just crave that attention and to feel important and use people because they aren't brave enough to be honest and they have meager boring lives.  One way to almost always know a TRUE war veteran is the ones that have seen action do NOT talk about it.  It's a very traumatic thing to kill and to see a human killed and NOBODY unless their a morbid person will talk about the things they've seen or done.  Those that do readily have either never been in the military or never seen action.  I've been out of the USAF for 22 years disabled while on duty and to this day I miss being in, every single day.  Not just because of my injury which is dibilatating 24/7 but because what I did in the Air Force I wanted to do since I was a child.  The freedoms I fought to protect are taken like they are a right, perhaps so to some extent but those of us that put ourselves in the line of fire to protect your freedoms have more of a right to be treated with dignity and respect and assistance if it is needed.  Have a heart and help a vet and while your at it help a human.  Help us to help a family.


IF you get a check like these, ALWAYS call the bank and verify the routing number and account number and ask bank personell how to tell if the check is counterfit.  If you try to cash it at a check cashing place you WILL be arrested, I know I almost was until I showed proof that I wasn't permitted to verify a check thru the perspective bank. 

This comes directly from my cable company, they authorized me to publish the following on the site.  BEWARE!!!!

Due to a computer scam on the Internet, Charter customers may receive an email similiar to one of the samples below. This is a fraudulent email, also commonly referred to as a “phishing” scam.

This message is not from Charter Communications or any of its affiliates. As with any suspicious emails, you should not provide any personal or account information in response to this type of email in order to protect yourself and your computer.

Below are examples of fraudulent emails that are being sent to some Charter customers:

Example 1


Dear Customer,

Due to a few problems experienced in our service network, you are expected to undergo an account holders re-validation process in order to sort out some problems that may be encountered in our email service to you.

This process is not going to take long and will be characterized by certain lapses in our email services to you.

The Charter network will require you to complete the account details below and select a test question and answer (to serve as security code that will be needed in logging in to your account service during the duration of this process).

Full Name:
Charter Account login:
Account Password:
*Test Question:

You will be sent a new confirmation alphanumerical password to that will only be valid during this period and can be changed after the process.

Thanks for your understanding.

Customer Service

Example 2 

From: Charter Communications Inc. [email protected]
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 14:46:31 +0200

Dear Charter member,

You are receiving this email with regards to your personal account. Please read carefully before continuing as some vital information is being updated. Your account is showing to be incomplete due to a data failure in our systems and you MUST provide us with a correct information within 48 hours of receiving this email. Failure to comply will result in account termination.

To update your account provide us with the following data:

1. Username:
2. Account Password:
3. Mother maiden Name:
4. Complete Name:

Ensure the informations are correct carefully before submitting it, mistakes can terminate your account.

Thank you for your support.

Account Supervisor Team

Today June 30, 2007 I got a somewhat disappointing letter yet it was refreshing and inspired me to write this.  Trying to get this non-profit going so we can help others has been difficult to say the least.  The biggest problem actually has been DONATIONS not only from kind hearted and understanding people but mainly from CHARITIES.  It seems in my experience and hundreds of letters and proof and proposals I've sent out to "charities" if you don't have a 501 (c) 3 you won't get donations.  I always thought "charity" was was out of the kindess of your heart to help fellow human beings NOT a tax deduction. 
     Every reply I've gotten from a "charity" the first thing they say is "your not a 501 (c) 3 and we are TRYING to get our 501 (c) 3 but because of our personal fraud situation recently we cannot afford to get it and we can give the "tax deduction receipt" retroactive to getting our 501 (c)3, I know because I've checked on it.  Back to the story of inspiration....This person that wrote me is the Executive Director of a local charity and though they said they couldn't help at the moment they said to "touch base with me next year" and I should be able to when our other program is over.  Never ONCE did they mention 501 (c) 3 or elude to the snide comments I've gotten from others that they tried to cover up.  In fact they said that considering my wife and my personal fraud situation the fact that we are STILL pressing forward to try to help others is amazing. 
     Well I for one am an honorable and very proud man.  I detest begging or even asking for help for anything especially money, but when you don't know where your next meal is coming from you have to swallow your pride and ask for help.  Don't ever give up your dignity or self respect and NEVER let people make you feel that your not worth helping or that your some kind of "fool" for being frauded.  People who think that they are impervious to being frauded are the ones that laugh at those that have and think their so much smarter or better then them, then POW it happens to them and now that the shoe is on the other foot it becomes all about THEM, not how many others are frauded or who is frauded or anything else it becomes all THEM.  That in as much as the "tax deduction" concern tells me that they are NOT philanthripists as they claim to be but they are greedy people who want to pay as little income tax as possible NOT truly help people.  Just like the "guidelines" of grantmakers..personally I think that when you say "we don't fund individuals or veterans etc etc that IS discrimination.  If it wasn't for US Veterans the freedoms these people have to be cold and uncaring wouldn't exist.  As for "individuals" they send us to "local ministries and orginizations" the funny thing about those are for the past 3 months that my wife and I have been struggling to pay for EVERYTHING and barely dodging disconnects we HAVE gone to those so called "charities" for help and always to the same comment, "we don't have funding".  Funny they say that because when we are sent on that endless circle from EVERY local, state and federal agency to the "local" charities the MAIN one like umm United way tells us they give funding to the ministries yet the ministries tell us they don't have money.  Now tell me if United way is giving money to ministries and the ministries are saying they don't have money, then WHERE IS THE MONEY that is supposed to be to HELP their fellow human in need GOING?
Now that I think of it why doesn't anybody check into that issue, they have a watch dog group for everything else, why not that.  If these HUGE foundations and grant makers truly were "charities" they would see THRU the tax deduction and could help one or two people for a meager sum of money then when they got their 501 (c) 3 believe me the retroactive receipt would be over nighted.  As my wife and I have found out thru all of this also is that their is NO funding in the government for fraud victims at all anywhere we've seen anyway.  Victims assistance programs all seem to go for other crimes which of course are important and deserving but so is "fraud" I'm so very tired of people trying to sweep it under the rug like it doesn't exist, kinda like alcoholism.  Until WE the fraud victim sucks in a deep breath, and does NOT give up on fraud being recognized then it will always be in the background.  I know it's embarassing that some jerk conned you out of your hard earned money but the ONLY way you will get help is if enough of us make NOISE about it.  Write and call your legislators, Write and call the white house, write and call and live on the desks of local authorities and when they try to belittle you in their little sneaky way, write some more and report them.  The sumbags that take advantage of another human being has free reign as long as NOBODY admits to or puts fraud in the forefront of things.  AS a friend of mine from another fraud site says ......"Silence is the enemy" speak out tell the world, warn all.  We continue to get fraud scams daily and their almost repeating the same mail verbatim, they may be smart at first but they mainly prey on the poor desperate people with little or NO credit and that is their in.  Like when I was homeless 22 years ago pay cash or pay nothing, I don't need nor do I want credit.  I have a house for now, a new vehicle for now, I have what little health I still have and I have my adoring soul mate so I need NOTHING else except assistance in daily living for a short time or a small amount of money to get back on track.  Then when we get our eggs in a row and get our 501 (c) 3 we will be able to help those others that have been shammed.  Moral of this rant is..............QUIT worrying about a tax deduction and start thinking about the mission of the "charity" you run and put human faces to the word fraud.