Mission Statement

Our mission is to give people the help they need after being frauded so they can keep their self respect and dignity while they get back on track and hopefully learn and teach others how NOT to be taken advantage of financially OR morally.

Had a local TV interview two days ago about our plight AND about this site.  Go to www.wyff4.com and look for "money" for the story.

Fraud Rescue Inc.

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Our Motto: "Helping to keep your head above water"

Fraud Secrets: a Backstage Tour

Are you a good christian, elderly or just plain good hearted person who is looking to help the poor or in need???  If so there is alot to watch out for and if your on this website then I assume you have been a victim of fraud in one form or another.  Fraud used to take advantage of primarily the elderly but these days the cowards have a way of making ANYONE that is trusting and good hearted believe that they are helping when in fact the heartless punks are dragging them into a scam.  One can simply get help from someone like Boca Raton personal injury lawyer Ed Kind to help. Once you've been the victim of a scam your dignity is almost down to nothing by time you get thru asking then begging for help from a charity or various foundations OR the government.  My wife coined the word the best when she said "being a fraud victim is like being in a "black hole" because NOBODY will help you".  That is why we came up with Fraud Rescue Inc.  As our motto says we being victims ourselves and myself being disabled AND a veteran could get NO help from anyone.  So to help keep your head above water for that one period your out of money we will be there or hope to IF we can get the donations we need to get our 501c 3 non profit status so we can help.  One thing people fail to realize is not just some gullible or non intelligent person can be scammed but anyone can.  We want to be there for you to be able to keep your dignity, self respect and be able to pay them bills for a month that your out of money and medications if need be or any other necessity that may fit your situation.  There are an endless line of cowards out there just waiting to take advantage of the elderly, the trusting, the good hearted and christian that they will lie cheat and blaspheme religion to get your money.  When you go to a charity or foundations or the government for financial assistance like a black hole you will be made embarrassed, laughed at and even like a black hole, ignored or turned away like you never existed.  Fraud is like a disease or something nobody wants to admit to so in their little close minded way "if it isn't acknowledged than it doestn't exist" well IT DOES.  It can happen to anyone, Doctors, lawyers, Rocket scientists.  These cowards talk a good game and make it sound believable but your not of help to some sick child or widow, your going to be another victim of the heartless cowards that are too lazy to work.  Their not human, their not animal, their SCUM plain and simple.  To take advantage of a good hearted christian or trusting person that doesn't have enough money for themselves let alone to help another is not even life worthy more like a slime on the window.  DO NOT send money to get money, do NOT cash a check and wire a percentage to someone the check is counterfit.  On this website you will see the new and old scams and learn alot.  Finding financial assistance is far from easy to do but once we are able to get funding we will be there fo ryou and then you can keep your dignity and self respect and disabled, veterans and trusting humans like myself and my wife can keep your heads above water.

We are here to help those that nobody else wants to help, but until we get funding we need donations to startup. If we can't find someone with a kind heart to help us get back on track so we can start helping others then Fraud Rescue will never be. 


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This site will present our organization's cause or ideas to the world.  DONATIONS are the only way we can get started so please find it in your heart to help those that need help.  GO TO THE NEWSLETTER LINK YOU CAN FIND ALOT OF INSIGHTFUL INFORMATION THERE. 

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